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World’s wooden house-building experience in the USA, Canada, Finland, Russia.

In North Cyprus as in many sub-tropical countries wooden house-building is not widespread but the reason for this is not climatic. The reason is very simple: sub-tropical countries do not have enough wood for house construction. In northern countries, on the contrary, building high quality wooden houses has been developing historically. BXС INVESTMENT & ENTERPRISES Company today builds glued laminated timber houses in North Cyprus.      

Historically wood is the material which is easy to process, apart from that it has a unique set of qualities, such as strength, naturalness, energy efficiency, durability. In the countries with plenty of wood this material has become a basic construction material. You would think that nowadays in XXI century wood is out of date material but it is not so. Numbers of houses built of wood remains very high.

Let’s see what statistics show. In the USA of all the houses 83% is low-rise individual buildings. 95% of them are built of wood. In Finland, for example, same index is 90 %. It is also noteworthy that in Finland 35 % of blocks of flats are built of wood. Canada is not far behind, 80% of dwelling houses are built of wood there.

Russia today cannot boast of the same building volume of wooden houses. This is firstly due to the fact that in Soviet times the idea of individual construction in Russia was condemned, secondly, the temps of urbanization were very high: a significant part of the population lives in big cities. Nevertheless historically wooden house-building was predominant in Russia and forest resources are still the world's largest.   

BXС INVESTMENT & ENTERPRISES can offer you the full assistance in building modern and safe houses of Siberian larch and pine in North Cyprus.  To book a free consultation, please call:

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