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Always warm and never hot. Glued laminated timber house creates an ideal environment.

The question of the temperature regime at home is important for any climate. In the North, firstly, it is important to keep warm while in the South to avoid heat and stuffiness. The temperature in summer can reach +40°C, in winter it can drop to +5°C. That’s why a house should, on the one hand, become a shelter from summer heat, on the other hand, keep warm in winter time.

The key point in this respect is coefficient of thermal conductivity. Here thermal conductivity means an ability of a material to transfer energy from the hot objects to less heated. When talking about a house, thermal conductivity shows how quick the walls of a house become hot or cold. A house built of a material with low thermal conductivity will keep air cool in hot weather. Wood is such a material. E.g.: wood thermal conductivity is 0,18 W/m °C, while brick stone thermal conductivity is 0,76 W/m °C. Ceteris paribus wood heats and cools more slowly.









Another important fact to be mentioned is natural ventilation in glulam houses. Wood is able to let the air through its fiber; it is easy to breath in a house. Apart from that when building a house of glued laminated timber there remain micro cracks, which will help microcirculation of air in the house. Here we mean microscopic crevices but not visible cracks, which are obviously the builders’ mistakes. 

One more aspect, which creates the most comfortable micro climate in a glued laminated timber house is an ability to absorb and release moisture. The level of humidity in a glulam house depends on weather conditions. In this concern glued laminated timber house is ideally combined with a Mediterranean climate where average humidity in winter is 60-85% and 15-30% in summer. This differs just a little from comfortable for a humane 40-50% but glued laminated timber is able to balance this little difference in a natural way. A house built from glued laminated timber can be the most comfortable for North Cyprus.

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