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Durability. How long will a glued laminated timber house last? Peculiarities of North Cyprus.   

It is an interesting question, how long a glued laminated timber house will last in the changing climate of North Cyprus. Many people still associate wooden houses with summer houses or temporary houses which are not suitable for constant living. Life shows that such houses can be used for a hundred of years and even more.   

If we check it up in special sources we will find out that if the technological process is correct the life of a glued laminated timber house should be 50 years and more, but it is expected to last 90 years. These calculations are approximate as the quality of construction may vary greatly.

All depends on two main factors: quality of the construction, and house maintenance. Durability usually means strength of non-replaceable structures and repairability. As for repairability of a wooden house almost every part of it can be fixed and replaced.

Strength of constructions depends on such factors, like climate, location, type of soil, quality of construction, layout etc. If not consider natural disasters like fire and hurricanes, the biggest threat for a life of a house is wood decay. That’s why main measures of precaution against moisture should be taken in the first place.    

For example, if a house is built in a valley it is at risk of underflooding because of the rain. It means that drainage system should be provided to get rid of precipitations. When making a project it is important to make the right  sewage and water supply. 

Another threat for wood is mold, insects and rodents. All these problems are solved with antiseptics which protect wood from all: moisture, insects and rodents. The wood should be processed with the antiseptics once in several years.

So, how long will glued laminated timber house last? As we mentioned before, if the quality of materials is high (BXС INVESTMENT & ENTERPRISES company use Siberian timber), the project is well thought out and the house is well looked after it can last for more than a hundred years. The house which was built by you will please your great grandchildren.

The BXС INVESTMENT & ENTERPRISES company’s technologies allow to construct all types of buildings from glued laminated timber. A house is fully prepared in a factory; it is assembled at a construction site as a jigsaw puzzle. This significantly reduces construction time. A house can be assembled within 2-3,5 months. It takes 6 months from the moment when the house is ordered to the moment when it is fully complete.

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