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Glued laminated Siberian timber houses: house construction in 3 months.

Many people think that a house construction is a time-consuming and laborious process. Indeed from the beginning of the process till the full completion more than a year can pass. It depends on many factors such as the choice of material, geological and weather conditions, the remoteness of the construction site.  Building a house from glued laminated timber may shorten the construction period to three month.

Usually a wooden log house construction is thought to be long lasting. Despite quick erecting of a house it is usually not ready for dwelling as a wooden house should dry up first and shrink. Usually the shrinkage of a house is as much as 10-15% of its height. This makes it impossible to install windows and doors until shrinkage is complete; moreover this will require extra works on warming of the house. A wooden house is usually left to dry and shrink for one season.   

All of the above does not concern glued laminated timber houses. Glulam houses have only 1 % of shrinkage which means that shortly after construction they can be finished and inhabited. The shrinkage is so low because the planks in a beam have been well-dried and processed in a factory. Moreover the glued laminated timber beam does not deform as the glued panels counterbalance each other and don’t let each other bend and change shape.

It is worth mentioning that glued laminated timber is a light material in comparison with brick or stone. Such house doesn’t need a deep basement. A shallow reinforced concrete base or screw piles are usually used. These types of the base are build up fast. Only preparing a brick house basement for building will take 1-2 months.

All glulam house components are manufactured in a factory and are assembled in a construction site as a jigsaw puzzle. That’s why its construction will take 2-3 months. While to build a brick or an aerocrete house will take minimum half a year. For now glued laminated timber houses are the quickest to build.  

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