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Is glued laminated timber house fire proof?

Wooden houses are new for the market of North Cyprus. We are often questioned by our customers about fire safety of glued laminated timber houses. Let’s try to answer this question once and for all.

The most important factor one consider when buying a house is its safety. One of the most dangerous threats for every house is fire. Everybody knows that wood is highly inflammable material. Does it mean that a wooden house is less fireproof then a house made of any other material?

First of all we should pay attention to the fact, that the main cause of fire is usually a faulty electric wiring and careless handling of fire. That’s why safety of the utilities: gas and electric power supply, fireplaces and stoves, ventilation system are much more important than the materials which the house was constructed of. 

 For fire to start several conditions should coincide. There should be an ignition source, combustible environment, oxidizer (oxygen in the air), and ways of spreading the fire. There are many ways of spreading the fire in any house: furniture, carpets, and home furnishings. The ignition source and oxygen in the air does not depend on the material of the house. The last question is if glued laminated timber house a good combustible environment.        

Despite the fact that wood is inflammable there is a difference in setting fire on firewood and on a log or a beam, which is much more difficult. Moreover, it is a standard norm now to process timber with flame retardants. Operating principle of flame retardant is based on melting a substance which forms a protecting layer. This layer blocks oxygen access. Another type of retardants releases ammonia gas and Sulphur dioxide when heated. These gases suppress the fire. The fire retardants are absolutely harmless for humans and only exert their effects in case of fire.           

It worth mentioning that hardwood floors in case of fire will withstand longer than reinforced concrete structures: metal constructions deform and lose strength which leads to the collapse of the whole construction, while hardwood floors will keep longer and have a good chance to remain unbroken until the fire brigade arrives. 


















To sum it up I can say that glued laminated timber house is inflammable but not more than any other house from different material. Well planned house and processed with special retardants wood is completely safe.

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