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Sustainability and energy efficiency. The impact on health. House of glued laminated  Siberian timber

Such wood qualities as naturalness and environmental friendliness are weighty arguments to choose wood as a construction material for a house. Among all modern construction materials wood remains the only fully natural material. This is very important as it will influence the state of health of all the prospective house dwellers. Natural material can make a house energy efficient and warm, but first things first:

In general sense environment friendliness of wood means that using wood for construction does not harm the environment. Wood is a renewable material, it is easy to process, its manufacturing requires minimum of energy consumption, it doesn’t interfere with nature renewal and doesn’t pollute the environment. At the same time such construction materials like brick, tiles, concrete and metal require high energy consumption for processing and recycling.

For the owner of a private house the eco friendliness is very important. Many people put this condition first while choosing a material for their future house. Wood is a natural material and doesn’t emit harmful substances in the air so those suffering from asthma and allergies will feel comfortable. Moreover, wood emits phytoncides, which disinfect the air, and essential oils, which fill the house with natural odor. In addition, wood is a natural regulator of humidity in the house which is very good for the insular climate of North Cyprus. Not to mention the fact that in such house one can breathe easily and sleep well. 

Perhaps you will doubt about the word “glued” in the name of the material, which does not sound natural. We can assure you that we use water based glue of the highest quality. It cannot harm your health in any way. It is ecofriendly.   

As for electric efficiency, you may think that for sunny North Cyprus it is not essential. The winter in North Cyprus is milder than in Russia but temperature can drop to 5 °C. In brick and concrete houses which have no central heating using of heaters and air cons is inevitable. Brick or concrete house cools down very fast in winter and gets very hot in summer. That’s why living in such a house is very cold in winter and very hot in summer. All this significantly increases the electricity bills. Therefore, the low thermal conductivity of wood and the ability to retain the required temperature in the house are very important factors.

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