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If you have decided to become a house owner in North Cyprus the first thing that you will decide on is weather to buy a ready-made house or to build a new one. Both the variants have advantages. To buy a ready-made house means to spend less time and efforts as in a ready-made house the problems with utilities documents and construction plans are more or less solved.  On the other hand you will get the house together with all shortcomings and faults, which you could avoid while constructing. Moreover any ready-made house has its peculiarities which you will have to put up with. 

A house construction is indeed a time consuming process. You will have to deal with many issues and delve into the intricacies of house construction.  It is the only way how to build a dream house, where you will live comfortably. Let’s go through the main reasons which will explain why to build a house in North Cyprus is better than to buy one.

1. First of all, you have the full control over the construction process, which gives you the confidence that the house will be built without constructional faults. It is worth noticing that the construction quality in North Cyprus is an actual problem. Local construction companies try to save as much as possible on the materials and technologies and they fix the faults unwillingly afterwards.

Building your own house is an excellent solution of the quality issue.

2. Another great advantage of building a house is that you yourself can make a decision about the house location on a land plot, rooms layout, number of floors, places for windows, doors etc. From these aspects your impression of the house will finally be built. That’s why it is important to make everything in the house in accordance with your wishes from the very beginning. Moreover when building a house you may choose an individual project which fits you better and not to content with what was built by somebody else.

3.   The price is also important. As a matter of fact to build a house is almost always cheaper than to buy a ready-made one. In both cases the prices vary greatly in accordance with the area, infrastructure, and the reach to the sea.  Other things being equal, building a house costs less than buying a ready made one.    

If the idea to build a house in North Cyprus appeals to you, we advise to pay special attention to glued laminated timber houses. BXС INVESTMENT & ENTERPRISES can offer you the full assistance in building a modern and safe house of Siberian larch and pine in North Cyprus.  To book a free consultation, please call:

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3 Reasons to build a house in North Cyprus

Building your own house is an excellent solution of the quality issue.