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The Eco House Program in North Cyprus


North Cyprus is a unique place where the purity of pristine nature has been preserved. No wonder the Cyprus beaches entered the top ten of the most clean in the world. In such a place it is a must to build houses from the most ecological material and maintain an importance for every person’s natural balance.

That’s why BXC INVESTMENT & ENTERPRISES LTD Company launches a special Program called “Eco Houses” for North Cyprus. The houses will be built from glued laminated timber. Our glued laminated timber is unique material. It is made of Siberian larch and pine using special technologies which preserve all beneficial features of the wood. It is also very safe material. Almost nothing can compare with glued laminated timber in terms of comfort.

For North Cyprus glued laminated timber is the ideal construction material. It keeps the balance of warmth and humidity which is so important for the insular climate. Moreover wood has a favorable effect to a human body. It helps to recover and maintain energy balance.

The exterior design of glued laminated timber houses blends so well with the soft Mediterranean palette. The human eye can always rest looking at the natural structure of wood. Wood also gives many opportunities to architects and designers, which helps to make your house unique and cozy.

We are always ready to consult you on all issues of glued laminated timber house construction.