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Investing in a house in North Cyprus. 5 main advantages.


To owe a house in the Mediterranean is a dream for many people. To make the dream come true is rather costly. How to become an owner of a house and make a profit of it in future?

Among all the countries of Mediterranean region North Cyprus is the most appealing for making investments. Main reason for this is its semi-official status which is kept until now. Only Turkey recognizes North Cyprus. Such country’s status gives some inconveniences (e.g. there is only one way to reach North Cyprus – via Turkey) but from investor’s point of view there are many advantages. Let’s see what the main advantages of North Cyprus as investments destination are?

1. Lets start from the most obvious advantage: the land prices in North Cyprus are 20-30% lower than that in South Cyprus or other European countries. So you will spend less from the beginning.

2. The biggest advantage is that the land prices are gradually going up. People were afraid to buy houses here because of the country’s status. Now it is in the past.  Legal aspects of buying and selling the property are now settled and the politicians conduct active negotiating about reunification of Cyprus and international recognition of North Cyprus. That’s why the demand for land and houses is growing and the price is growing respectively. After the reunification of Cyprus or recognition of North Cyprus the prices will rise dramatically to reach the price level of South Cyprus.      

3 There is another advantage of the country being unrecognized. It is easier for the foreigners to get the legal right of property ownership and inheritance.

4. South Cyprus is an EU member since 2004. In case of reunification the territory of North Cyprus will most probably join EU as well. This will increase property and land prices, the level of life and service; the territory will adopt the legal framework of EU. It is a unique situation. You may buy a house in an unrecognized territory and have a house in EU in future.

5 A house you will buy here can be used for different purposes. Even if you are not going to live here, you can use your house as a summer house, send children for vacations or to study, or else it can be rented out. It can just be a liquid asset and you can sell it in future. Now there are practically no glued laminated timber houses in North Cyprus so yours will be exclusive. The property prices will only rise with time. 

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