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Glued Laminated

Timber Houses

Everybody knows that wood is the most ecological construction material. Since ancient times people have been using wood to build houses, which can last for hundreds of years, if correctly processed.

The benefits of wood are: durability, high environmental friendliness, thermal conductivity, special microclimate indoors. Wood is a natural antiseptic, that’s why wooden houses are safe. Comfort, convenience, aesthetic look and beauty of the material make it even more attractive.

Wood slowly passes air through its fiber structure in both directions, and purifies the air over its entire surface. In a wooden house natural humidity and temperature is always maintained. That’s why it is especially easy to breathe in wooden houses. It is very important for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.     

Wood also has excellent insulating properties. Therefore, it keeps air cool in summer and warm in winter, respectively, reducing energy consumption.

The glued laminated timber is made of Angarsk pine and larch. It stands out among others because it preserves all beneficial properties of wood and thanks to modern technologies it is made fireproof.

Modern technologies allow erecting all kinds of glued laminated timber buildings. A house which is fully prepared at the factory is assembled at the construction area as a jigsaw puzzle. It helps to minimize the construction time. A fully prepared house can be assembled within 2-3,5 months.

Glued laminated timber houses are steady and durable because the material is almost never subject to deformation.

A great advantage of such houses is that it doesn’t require finishing, either inside or outside. The natural beauty of wood will make your house especially attractive and cozy.

The main feature of the wood is that it is so flexible for architects that they make marvelous projects out of it. 

The best architects work with us. That’s why our clients can make their dream come true. We can either offer a standard project or create a new custom project in accordance with your preference in style.

If needed, we can help our clients to select the right land plot for their house. Your house can be built in the mountains or closer to the sea in any part of North Cyprus. Laminated timber houses are well known for being resistant to sea salt, mountain dew, wind, sun or rain. You can choose the typical project on our website, or order us your personal design.

You can always book a consultation with us. Just dial the number:  +9 0548 870 13 64; +9 0533 838 07 85 or send a request for us to call you back.

Comfortable, Lasting, Fireproof
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