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Our company opened in North Cyprus recently. We ourselves have been living here for several years, long enough to fall in love with North Cyprus and the people of the country.

From the beginning we wanted to run a company which will assist people in critical moments.

Choosing a house is one of the most important moments in life. Because in his/her “hideaway” one can rest, gain strength, stay with the family and bring up children. It is the house which builds up such an emotional state which helps to create, move forward and achieve the goals

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With love to people and to North Cyprus

Naturally, the material for the house is of paramount importance. We all know that in wooden accommodation people feel most comfortable. Unfortunately there were reasons it was not possible to build such houses in Cyprus. Traditionally stone and concrete is used in house construction in Cyprus because the wood is in short supply. Therefore there are no specialists in wooden house construction, though pergolas are very popular here and extensively built.

The experience of our team under these circumstances is most welcome. It will soon be twenty years since our specialists have been building glued timber houses. Huge experience is gained by continuous practice. The houses built of our wood are popular in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and China - the countries, where the temperature extremes are bigger and the humidity is higher all year round. Last year we began to supply our materials to Europe. Time has shown that the glued laminated timber houses are ideal for people’s dwellings. After having studied the local conditions, we understood that it’s time to use our knowledge and skills here in North Cyprus. 

Our company specialists have been manufacturing glued laminated timber for more than 18 years. We make it from Angara pine and larch. Glued laminated timber from these species of wood comes out at the highest quality.  Moreover, we use the best glue for these procedures and do the whole wood processing with the utmost accuracy.

Our own production allows excluding third party agents, which influence the price. We can assure you that the glued laminated timber houses bought from us are of the lowest price.