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7 reasons to build a glued laminated timber house in Cyprus


If you have decided to become a house owner in North Cyprus we advise you to consider building a glued laminated timber house. Glued laminated timber is a unique construction technology which allows erecting modern, comfortable, secure and ecological houses. Such houses are now rear in North Cyprus and local construction companies do not build them. 

So what are the main advantages of glued laminated timber houses?

1. First of all a glued laminated timber house is a robust and reliable house. The technology of producing glued laminated timber beams was invented to avoid wood deformation and increase the strength of the construction. The beam is made of several planks (lamellae), each of them are dried and processed separately. Then the lamellae are glued together thereby each of t hem has a stable position and in future the planks will counterbalance deformations of each other. That’s why the walls erected from glued laminated timber do not have cracks or deformations.

2. Comfortable temperature in the house. The technology of glued laminated timber beams production makes the beams profiled. It means that each beam is fixed to another beam with the help of special grooves. This method of fixing ensures no gaps between the beams, which let the house stay warm in the cold weather and cool during the hot summer time.

  3. High resistance to biodegradation. The lack of gaps and cracks prevents the moist from penetration into glued laminated beam, which doesn’t allow insects and fungi to affect the wood. It makes the wood completely resistant to decay. Apart from that each of the lamella is treated with antiseptics and flame retardants before becoming a part of a beam.

4. Short time of construction. A glued laminated timber house is made in a plant and then it is transported to the construction plot where it will be assembled. That’s why the average time of construction is three months. Another important parameter which speeds up the process is the minimum height shrinkage. If compared with solid beam and solid log houses the shrinkage makes 1% versus 10-15%.

5. Eco friendly. Wood is a natural material. It doesn’t emit harmful substances, has a nice natural aroma, and disinfects the air. Glued laminated timber house is ideal for health and wellness.

6. Glued laminated timber houses do not require finishing. The entire inner surface will be smooth and straight from the very beginning. As for the natural wood texture - it is very esthetic itself.

7. Wooden houses are well known by their strength and durability. As a proof of it one can find numerous monuments of wooden architecture all over the world.  Glued laminated timber is innovative and modern construction material, which became one of the most durable.

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